Welcome to “Strannopriemnica” complex.The complex is situated in Bojenci historical reserve. We offer you to relax by the fire in the fireplace and give yourself a few days of romance and tranquility in our hotel. We have at our disposal 34 seats, cable TV, free Wi-Fi Internet, refrigerator.

We offer a variety of specialties from the Bulgarian cuisine and a wide range of drinks in a pleasant atmosphere in our Tavern, Summer garden, and Barbecue in the open air.

Here you could find a menu with specialities prepared on a hot plate and a tile, home cooked meals, Balkan snails and many others.

Try our delicious flat bread (“Lucky” and “Garlic”) and our curled “banitsa”. They are prepared with love and craftsmanship according to old recipes from Grandma Marinka!

In 5349. Bojentsi
Gabrovo Municipality
GSM: +359 888 143026
GSM: +359 888 310981
GSM: +359 885 615114